My Material Life

Souvenir Shop Trinket Cases

You could use plain white boxes for little gifts of charms, earrings, etc., but cases like these are so much more fun.

I picked up a bag full of the tiger clam cases years ago.  They are referred to as shell coin purses if you want to search for them online; I found the lowest price here.  I think I bought mine at The Shell Shop in Morro Bay.  The little zipper case that I’m going to use for the earrings came from a souvenir shop in Monterey last September.  I picked up several little purses from China in shapes I’d never seen before.  I love the shape, the fabric, the zipper and the little beaded tassel on this one.

The silk satin lined seashell case with heart charm was a favor for girls who came to our anniversary party in October.  I found the hearts at a ridiculously low price at The Cake Works on Bascom Avenue and then remembered that I had those seashell cases and even some real silk satin.  We are so fortunate to have a wonderful silk fabric shop nearby in Los Altos, Exotic Silks.  You can find them online as Thai Silks; they are an excellent source for all kinds of silk.

I visited Samantha’s classroom this week and one of her classmates was still coveting one of the seashell cases she’d seen when Samantha brought hers in for sharing last October.  She said to me, “It was so pretty”.  I told her I only had one left and that I’d have to make sure I didn’t need it, but she really had me at the it was so pretty part, so I lined that last one yesterday for her and here’s how I did it.

Cut about a 4″ diameter circle of fabric from your silk.  You might have to play with the size to get it right; this one actually turned out a little too large.  Then thread a long piece of thread on your sewing needle, but don’t knot the end. You’ll tie a knot with both thread ends when you’re through making long running stitches around the perimeter of the silk circle.  I made my stitches about 1/4″ in from the edge.

Once you’ve stitched all the way around, pull your thread ends to gather your silk circle edges together.  Now tie both ends together in a knot.

Here’s what it will look like on the other side.  A nice little pouf.

Use Fabri-Tac or a hot glue gun to apply glue to the inside bottom of your seashell case and place your pouf, gathered side down, onto the glue.

Now you have a beautiful little pillow for your trinket to rest on.  You may want to secure it with a single strand of embroidery floss threaded through the silk pillow and your trinket and tied in a bow.

I was so excited to surprise Samantha’s classmate with this case at the end of school yesterday, but she wasn’t there!  Oh well, next year.  She’s right though.  It is so pretty.

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