My Material Life

More Fun with Rubber Stamps and Paper Napkins

I couldn’t resist trying this again for Christmas.  This time with cocktail size napkins from Italy and dinner and/or guest towel size napkins from Slovakia that I found at Ikea.  After our anniversary party (the first time I tried stamping on napkins), one of our guests asked if you could get water on the napkins.  That’s a very reasonable question, isn’t it?  The answer is yes – for the most part.  The metallic ink I used for the anniversary napkins didn’t run at all when I poured water on it and the red I used for these ran just a bit, but if you put your hand against either of those inks while the napkin or your hand was wet, you would pick up some ink.  So maybe it’s not a good idea to stamp your paper guest towels for the bathroom.  For cocktail and table use, you’re probably pretty safe. Anyway, it’s fun to see what a difference one simple graphic embellishment can make.


  1. These are very cute. The woman who cuts my hair is a bit stamp person and creates some lovely cards with her stamping. There are so many interesting stamps and inks to play with.

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