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Wondrous White Wool Felt

Could there be a more versatile material to use for seasonal decorations?  If so, I don’t know what it is.  What I love about white wool felt is that while it clearly says Winter, it doesn’t necessarily say Christmas, so you can use it to make your home more festive when you’ll really need a lift, like in the cold, dark days of January.

I found a garland like this for sale somewhere on the internet a few years ago and that’s where I got the idea to make my own.  I cut some wool felt using a flower cookie cutter as a template and simply sewed the flowers together by running a line of stitching through the center of each and right on to the next.  I don’t remember where I learned that you could connect things like that with a sewing machine (I’m sorry to say it wouldn’t have occurred to me), but wow – what a revelation!

I played around with light blue Swarovsky crystal beads in the centers at first, but they didn’t seem quite right, so eventually I’ll finish attaching a green and pink Japanese glass bead to either side of the flowers.  Now take a look at this pair of angels that I picked up at an after Christmas sale at one of my favorite shops (since closed unfortunately) a couple of years ago. Can you guess what they are (besides angels)?

Bottle toppers may not be a functional item, but they sure make a bottle of Pellegrino more charming and festive at your holiday gatherings.  These are of a lovely thickness and come from the German company, Parkhaus; I’m so glad I got them on sale!  The thicker the felt, the more expensive and any 100% wool felt is expensive.  You can download the wonderful Parkhaus accessory collection from this page.

Lastly, I just want to show you some ideas from one of my Christmas gifts from last year, Lotta Jansdotter’s Handmade Living, A Fresh Take On Scandinavian Style.

This is a mobile Lotta made with industrial felt.  Look at the round “berries”. They are actually felt pads you can buy for your furniture to protect your floors. Brilliant.  Now look at her felt coasters.  Again, these look to be a thicker felt.  The template for this flower shape is in her book.  She uses it in different sizes to adorn pillows and placemats.  These simple coasters are my favorites.

Here are three resources for wool felt –  the first two offer felt in different weights. (from Lotta’s book)

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