My Material Life

Book & Beaded Things Shopping at Urban Outfitters


I really miss the Borders bookstore at Santana Row.  (For non-local readers, Santana Row is one of the newer, upscale, outdoor shopping centers in San Jose; all Borders bookstores went under in 2011.)  I’d probably rather spend money on books than just about anything!  So I was delighted to spy the Fashion Cats book in Urban Outfitters during an outing to Santana Row last weekend.  I knew then that I would have to return surreptitiously during the week for some Christmas shopping.  I found that wonderful little book again ($12) and so much more!

I don’t think I’ve ever been in the Urban Outfitters sale area before (maybe it’s new), but I sure am glad I went in today (it’s on the second floor in the back of the store).  All of the other items pictured above came from there – a beautifully designed dictionary and thesaurus for a budding young reader ($4.99!),  a brilliant pro/con journal – open the spiral bound journal to reveal the pro side on the left and the con on the right ($2.49!); a set of 5 different reprints of original (the first from 1958) Mad Libs booklets ($4.99!); and the very sweet, wise and more for adults than children, A Lovely Love Story ($2.49!).  You have just got to visit their sale book area.

Here (below) is something else I was considering.  In the store they show the beaded belt worn backwards with a dress.  I’ve always wanted one of these, and at $29 it’s a very good buy, but I put it back once I found all those books.

Then look what I found on my way to the cashier.

At $14, it was too lovely to pass up.  Did you ever see the movie, Midnight in Paris?  Marion Cotillard’s character wore a wristlet in the movie, and I think that’s what I’ll make of this little purse.  It’s the right size and much too pretty to hide.  I’ll get some chain and do something very similar to what I did with these little coin purses last Spring.

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