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Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Nancy Idea #3: Napkin Rings

I think I’m going to try this again with a smaller knitting nancy because a tighter knit would make them more stable and more likely to actually cinch the napkin roll which is something I think you want in a napkin ring.  And if not a cinch, at least a fairly tight hold.  Still, they are lovely, aren’t they?  Like jewelry for the table.

This is the same cord I used for the garland in Idea #1.  I knit it in approximately 4″ lengths and attached one end of the metal leaf metallic clasps to each tail end by tying a packer’s knot (click here).  I trimmed the ends to about 1/2″ and didn’t bother with trying to hide them.

The clasp really makes this project.  I found it at my local Michael’s and purchased all three that they had left in stock.  The colors of the metal work perfectly with the cord.  If you want to try to find them they are called specialty findings, are designed by Jill MacKay, and come from Bead Landing.  I had to glue two magnets back onto the clasps, but other than that they’re great.

For additional information on knitting with a toilet paper roll knitting nancy and what to do with the tails, etc., please use the following links:

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