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More Marimekko: Surrur, the Book

Now that’s my kind of sewing project.  I found this wonderful book, Surrur, Make Your Own Marimekko, at the Crate and Barrel Marimekko Shop in Union Square last week.  I actually visited the shop twice; the second time (during our annual pilgrimage to the San Francisco Auto Show) I brought along a Crate and Barrel 15% off coupon that I received at home in a catalog.  That helped quite a bit with the sticker shock I experienced the first time I looked at the price – the book costs $49.  But it’s from Finland (in English), not widely available, and let me tell you, it’s worth it!

The book has more than sixty projects from Marimekko designers who are pictured with their designs in their homes.  The designer pictured below, Erja Hirvi, has some wonderful garments in the book, like her kimono shown here. Look how she used the selvedge as part of the design.

I’m crazy about the textile created for this pillow cover by stitching different selvedge edges together.  So smart.  So good-looking.

As near as I can tell, you can purchase the book through the Crate and Barrel Marimekko Shop, through Textile Arts, or from the Marimekko website, although I couldn’t find it very easily just now.  If you know someone who likes to sew and likes Scandinavian design (you, maybe?), this would make a fantastic gift.


    • Hi Teje – I do love Marimekko! But if I ever tackle a project like that car cover I think I’ll use a less expensive fabric – maybe Ikea. I do think I’ll splurge on some Marimekko for a tablecloth this year though. Hope you’re enjoying Greece even without the Marimekko! Colleen

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