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Marimekko Tablecloths


I went into the Crate and Barrel store at Santana Row last week, and I fell in love with this Marimekko display fabric they have hanging in the store.  I just love the colors and the design and couldn’t help thinking it would make a beautiful tablecloth for the dining table in our living room.  The pattern is called Kumina and you can purchase tablecloths already made up from Crate and Barrel, but the sizes are always bigger than what I need.  I knew that Crate and Barrel and Marimekko recently opened up a Marimekko shop at the Crate and Barrel store in Union Square, so I figured I’d look into both that and an online source for Marimekko fabric called Textile Arts that I’ve ordered samples from in the past.

From Textile Arts, I ordered a sample (50¢ each) of Kumina in the color shown above and also the two green fabrics shown below, Lumimarja (available in many colors) and Pidot (available in red and green).


At first glance it didn’t look like the Marimekko shop in San Francisco carried fabric by the yard, but then I found this (scroll down to bottom of page).  A special event this Friday and Saturday afternoon where you purchase the in-stock fabric you like for a tablecloth and a former Project Runway finalist, Christopher Collins from Season 8, stitches it up for you in the size you desire that very day. How fun is that?  I kind of doubt I’ll make it up to the event, but if I do I’ll be sure to tell you about it.  And if you go, please tell me all about it!  Either way, I’ll keep you posted on which fabric I choose for my tablecloth.


  1. Janice Fok

    Field trip!! Not for the event, but a weekday run up to the city would be fun. Some of my book club friends made a special fabric run up to the city recently, lots of nice Marimekko came back with them.

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