My Material Life

The Great Pumpkin Cookie

Because my daughter is severely allergic to peanuts and because so many baked goods run the risk of coming into contact with peanuts when they are made, I do a lot of baking.  This way I can provide her with safe, but similar alternatives for class parties, birthday parties, etc.  Last year her class room mom told me she was purchasing big pumpkin cookies from a local bakery for the kids to decorate with frosting and sprinkles.  I didn’t have a big pumpkin cookie cutter, so I decided to cut out my cookies freehand with a knife.  They turned out pretty well. The cookies the room mom brought in weren’t nearly as big as mine, but I was happy to have discovered a new technique.  This year we have the same room mom, so I knew I didn’t need a really big cookie, but I couldn’t help making one anyway (for me, not for the class party).  I think this one is even bigger than last year’s.  I cut some additional smaller cookies out with a knife too just because I like their rustic, handcrafted look.

I think the Penzey’s no chill cut-out cookie recipe is key to the success of these cookies.  It’s a breeze to put together, very easy to work with and takes only about 6 minutes to bake.  Plus, the cookies are very tasty – decorated or not.

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