My Material Life

Stitched Illustrations by Stephen Campbell

I usually don’t bother to pick up Oprah’s magazine, O, because for one thing, my sister gets it, and I know I can usually look at an issue or two the next time I visit.   But last week, I decided to take a peek at the November issue in the store anyway, and then went on to buy my own copy when I saw the embroidery on this spread about favorite Thanksgiving side dishes of “star” chefs.  (Also, I’ve been experimenting with granola recipes and this issue has an article on that, too.)

Underneath the credits line for the side dish article’s photography and writing was a smaller line that read, Stitched illustrations by Stephen Campbell.  As a fan of both embroidery and illustration, I had to delve a little further into this.  I figured this was not the first time Stephen Campbell had done something of this nature, and I was right.  You can take a look at his portfolio here.  It’s very cool. And he must be pretty cool, too.  Here’s a recent inverview where you can learn more about him.

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