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Sew and Print a Party Bunting

Triangular fabric buntings have become very popular recently, haven’t they?  I especially love to see them hanging outdoors.  They’re so much better than the primary colored plastic ones I remember seeing in used car lots way back when. The version above was inspired by the bunting you can see here from Marie Claire Idées.  I knew that if we had our own anniversary party, I would have to include something whimsical in the backyard that was inspired by that article.  A bunting is such an easy way to fill that bill.

You might not even need to shop for anything for this project.  For the bunting itself, I used a piece of crisp white sheeting that I found in my fabric stash and a piece of natural twill tape that was originally intended for another, long since abandoned project. It even had a center fold pressed along its length already.

For each triangle (this bunting has nine) cut two triangles from your fabric to your desired size.  I cut mine about 9.25″ wide across the top with a vertical measurement from center top to center bottom point of 11.25″.  You’ll shape your triangle by using a straight edge to draw a line from each end of your top width to the bottom center point – in my case, 11.25″ vertically down from the center of the top edge.  Make yourself a template with a piece of cardstock and you can use your rotary cutter and a straight edge to cut several pieces of fabric at once.  Put the wrong sides of each triangle together and sew a seam one-quarter inch from each long, diagonal edge.  Trim the excess seam allowance around the point of your triangle, press the triangle, and turn it right side out.  Use a point turner to shape your point and press the triangle again.  Repeat for as many triangles as you need.  Your top edges will still be unfinished at this point, but they’ll be encased by the tape you’ll use to connect your triangles.  If you’re going to print your triangles, you’ll want to do that next.

To print my triangles I used freezer paper stencils that I cut myself with an X-ACTO knife.  Freezer paper is one item you probably don’t have on hand unless you’ve done this kind of thing before.  What I like about using freezer paper is that the stencils are so easy to cut.  If you plan on doing a lot of printing with your stencil, however, you might want to use acetate (available at art supply stores) or use a pre-made stencil.  Lots of information about stenciling is available online, so do a little searching if you need to.  I used a silver Liquitex acrylic paint and applied it with one of those triangular make-up sponges.  Those things work great for stenciling.  Heat set your paint with a hot iron according to the instructions for whatever paint you use.

Now you are ready to attach the triangles to your tape.  Space the top edges of your triangles evenly and line the tops of your triangles up against the inside fold of your tape, so they are encased within the folded tape.  Pin and stitch close to the non-folded edge of the tape as shown below.

Next, hang and enjoy your bunting.


  1. Kathie

    Very nice! Remember the store “Bobbin’s Nest” that you told me about? Well, on November 1st, they are opening an online store- I can’t wait ! There are no fabric stores anywhere near here, and I love their fabric lines. I also like the idea of supporting a small business.

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