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As a reward for pulling off that anniversary party in such a short amount of time, I treated myself to one of my favorite and expensive (because it comes from Ireland) magazines yesterday, Image Interiors and Living.  Just for fun, take a look at some of the things I found in it.

The Pimlico Print Wallpaper comes from Laura Ashley; it contains images from the Laura Ashley catalog’s history.  I used to love that catalog!  Funny too, because this was about the time I got married.  In fact, I pulled out my old wedding planner (a mauve 3-ring binder) for the party the other day and found the lovely image below that I’d clipped from the catalog for inspiration.  It takes me right back to 1986 and the days when I’d boldly bring my planner to work with me.  I don’t even think I tried too hard to hide that from my boss.  Luckily, we planned that event  – much of it done by my mom – in a relatively short period of time too.  Wouldn’t the paper be fun in a closet (even just used on boxes or dresser drawers) or on the back interior of a wardrobe or something?

The Dressmaker Chair was not in the magazine, but I found it when I was looking for the little crochet birdhouse pictured next to it.  It’s fantastic, isn’t it (the chair, I mean).  It’s handmade by a Serbian artist in Como, Italy, and the fabric has images of vintage sewing patterns on it.  Those Anthropologie marketers sure know how to romance a product.  Not that this one needs much help – if you can afford it.  The crochet birdhouse was pictured in the magazine and also comes from Anthropologie, but I could only find it on their eu site and it appears to be out of stock anyway.  Still, you could make your own.  In fact, I might just have to try that sometime, but I’d probably use something like mason line or even twine to do it. Not a bad idea actually.

Just one more thing and I’ll let you go.  Take a look at these Spool Candlesticks from the Danish company, BoConcept.  I usually prefer to use tealights, but these are so fun and they come in lots of colors.  The photo from the magazine is so much more inspiring than this one.  They really look great kind of messily lined up, each one a different color – just like spools of thread from your stash.  The link above takes you to the page for all candleholders; they’ve got a great selection – nice gifts!

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