My Material Life

The Anniversary Party

Eleven days ago we finally decided how to properly celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We thought we’d have a champagne fountain and cupcake party at home, so that’s exactly how we celebrated yesterday, October 11, 2011, with 43 friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers in attendance.

We knew a champagne fountain would lend the proper ambiance to this event, but as it turned out, we couldn’t actually drink from it. I was warned by the rental company that the circulation of the fountain takes out the bubbles, but they didn’t tell me it would spoil the taste too. (People put punch and all kinds of things in these – you also have to wonder how sanitary they are.) My sister-in-law Joan thought we were going to have one of those sophisticated fountains where a fancy waiter pours the champagne down a tower of glasses – maybe for our 50th!

It was so great to celebrate such a milestone anniversary amongst the warmth of friends and family. My sister and her husband even drove three hours to be here and help us set up (clean bathroom, hang art, make frosting, frost cupcakes). What a tremendous gift.

Even though we planned this in a very short time-frame, I managed to get in a few projects that I hope added something to the party and even if not, were a lot of fun for me. I’ll share them with you before the week is through, but you can take a sneak peek by looking at the photos below.

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