My Material Life

The Pinterest Effect


And just what, you ask, is Pinterest?  I had no idea either until yesterday when I noticed that my views on this blog had increased a whopping 998% from Saturday to Monday.  A quick view of my site stats page indicated that toilet paper French knitters were behind the increase.  But why the sudden interest in diy knitting nancys?  Then I saw it.  A referral website called Pinterest.  I’ve found most of these sites to be highly dubious, but this one referred so many views that I decided to check it out.

Pinterest describes itself as a virtual pinboard.  It allows you to install a button in your browser that you can use to “grab” images you find on the web and add them to a virtual inspiration board that you can categorize as you wish.  The image of my toilet paper roll nancys from my Attack of the Knitting Nancys post has been “pinned” onto at least a few boards now that have to do with kids’ things or crafts, like this one.  The felt Halloween scene I made last year was pinned to this board of felt items.  Do take a look because there are some wonderful items that these two have collected.  The original images should be credited back to their source and indeed, you can link to my blog post from these pinned images (well technically not the image, but my WordPress address is listed).  You can also share comments on the site.

I found an article published just yesterday about Pinterest here.  I must say you could spend a lot of time looking at the beautiful images and finding links to some really cool projects and products.  To me, the attraction is that it allows its users to act as curators of the inspiring things they find online and to share their taste with others (including advertisers, of course, who surely will enter the equation once the start-up funding dries up?)  Pinterest is located in nearby Palo Alto, and it looks like they even have some jobs to fill.  Anyway, I think those knitted poufs I wrote about last week will soon lose their top popularity spot if this thing keeps up.  I hope the Pinteresters will find the other nancy I made (both here and here) with an embroidery hoop for my poly cord drawstring bag soon.  That was a really cool project if I do say so myself.


  1. I am so crazy addicted to that site its not even funny. I signed up months ago after a fellow blog friends suggested it and never did anything. Then all of my gf’s started posting on Facebook with these super cute links to clothing look books and knitting look books taken from Pinterest. Wonderful. Congrats on the visibility !

  2. Beth Hanson

    That’s how I found you’re blog and I’m really glad I did! I love everything on here especially the little knitting projects!! It’s really great 😀

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