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More Fun (and Knit Poufs!) at Cost Plus

One of the interesting things about the stats feature of a WordPress blog like mine is that you can see the phrases people use for the web searches they conduct that lead them to your blog.  These phrases usually translate to your most popular posts (the ones found through a web search anyway), and that’s also something you can track.  Do you know what my most popular post of all time is? It’s this one here, about a free knit pouf pattern I happened to find.  I tell you not a day goes by that someone in the world is not looking for something about a knit pouf.  If I were smarter or more ambitious I’m sure I could do something useful with that information, but for now I just feel compelled to share what I found at the Cost Plus World Market in Mountain View today – knit poufs.  These are from India and at $69.99, a little less expensive than the ones at CB2.  These come in more colors as well (though CB2 has a couple more colors now too).  In addition to the colors above, I spotted orange and some very attractive grey poufs.

I just went in to buy a chocolate bar and get a free small cup of coffee because I was really hungry after fasting for a blood draw after a doctor’s visit.  I found just the bar I was hoping for, but I found a lot more too. Like this …

A bottle of wine (German Riesling) in the shape of a black cat!  And this …

A $10 lampshade from India that I’m crazy about and have a perfect place for in my living room when I figure out what to use as a base for it.  I also bought some German spaetzle and some Italian Halloween pasta.  What a fun store.  And look at this lighting display.  I wonder if I have a spot for the glass mosaic lantern (also from India).  It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

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