My Material Life

Footless Tights for Grown-Ups

Filati Handknitting Edition 39

Late last month we met my sister, brother-in-law and niece for dinner at Shadowbrook Restaurant in Capitola.  I’d been wanting to visit that place for years – mostly because they have their own funicular.  It really is a magical spot right along Soquel Creek.  Anyway, it seemed like a good reason to dress up and I just so happened to find a dress I love that very day at Nordstrom.  Here’s a photo from

Marc New York Dress

I had some wonderful Italian shoes that I got from the Sundance Catalog last year (still available apparently and at a good price – $98) and a new bracelet that I also found that day at J. Crew (a steal at $32), so my only issue was what to do with my legs.  My legs are not only not tanned, but blindingly, glaringly white.  It is a public service to keep them covered, so the bare leg thing is not an option for me. And even if my legs had some color, bare legs can make me feel a little too exposed, especially on a foggy coastal evening. Boots, of course, are one solution, but I don’t see them with that dress, do you? My solution was the footless tight like that shown on the model at the top of this post.  My brown, mostly cotton, E.G. Smith footless tights to be specific.

I know I didn’t look nearly as cool as the model above, but I sure felt good, as long as I didn’t have to walk too much.  Those shoes are not the most comfortable, but I’ve been wearing comfortable shoes my whole life now.  I think I can afford a little discomfort for an awesome shoe now and again.  Which leads me to Filati Handknitting, the source of the footless-tighted model I keep referring to.  You know how on Project Runway the judges are always harping on the styling of the garments? Well, browsing through the pages of Filati Handknitting is like a lesson in styling for me.  Filati Handknitting is a publication of lovely knitting patterns put out by the German yarn company, Lana Grossa.  I admit I’m a sucker for “things European”, but the styling really is beautiful and the footless tight or legging as they call it, along with cocktail rings and really cool shoes are definite style influences I’ve picked up from looking through its pages.  I often find it at my local Barnes and Noble.  I also love how they will frequently use models with a little life on them.  Here is my very favorite model in three great looks from Edition 38:

Isn’t she lovely?!  Of course she has a beautiful face and an amazing figure, but I also like that twinkle in her eye.


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