My Material Life

Fried Green Tomatoes


Aren’t these tomatoes a lovely shade of green?  They’re from the garden of a generous friend.  That’s my only source for them as I don’t grow tomatoes and you can’t find these in the market – except when you don’t want to.  I used to wonder if there was a special green variety of tomato for these, but I eventually realized that there isn’t (although one of the varieties above really is supposed to be green, even when ripe).

I fry the tomatoes according to a Sara Moulton recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes with Ranch Dressing and Yellow Cherry Tomato Salad that was published in Gourmet in August 2002.  You can also find her recipe here.  I’ve never bothered making the salad; I just use the fried green tomatoes part and top those with a bottled ranch dressing (Toby’s is my favorite). The ranch dressing goes so well with the fried green tomatoes, but then again, what doesn’t ranch dressing go well with? Just be sure to follow the instructions about salting the tomatoes and wiping out the pan between rounds of frying.  I was a little lazy about those aspects this time and though the tomatoes were still very tasty, the crust didn’t set up as well as it has before.

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