My Material Life

Flo Braker’s Cornbread Cake With Berries

This is so good.  I hope you’ll give it a try before berry season ends.  It’s the kind of cake you can eat morning, noon, and night which is just what I did yesterday. I even started out that way again today.  It’s so good with coffee.  This recipe was printed in the San Francisco Chronicle a few years ago and it comes from one of my favorite local bakers, Flo Braker.

It’s such a great time for produce right now, isn’t it?  You’ve still got your summer stone fruits and berries, but the apples and grapes are beginning to come in too. Then there are the tomatoes, the corn, the eggplant – it’s just a great time for good eating.  This cake really tastes like the season.  The cornmeal and the berries (particularly the raspberries) marry beautifully together.  It’s not too sweet and the cornmeal gives a real substance to it.  It’s a very comforting cake that’s perfect for easing the transition from summer break to back-to-school.  That’s my excuse anyway.  Please click here to find the recipe, and do enjoy the season’s bounty.


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