My Material Life

The September Issue: Elle Decor

Drawings by Pierre Le-Tan

I received the latest issue of Elle Decor in the mail yesterday, and I was so happy and a little surprised (even though I’ve always thought it a beautifully produced magazine) to find a few really cool things in it.  Not the least of which is this illustrated, yes – illustrated (!) lighting spread that was produced by Anita Sarsidi with drawings by Pierre Le-Tan .  I love illustrations, and I think it’s a shame that we rarely see them in anything other than children’s picture books anymore.  A brilliant piece.

Now take a look at the walls below.

The sticker shock refers to the fact that these designs were produced with individual stickers!  Take a closer look at this shot and you’ll see  . . .

Who would ever think of that?!  Howard Cosell’s granddaughter, that’s who.  Her name is Payton Cosell Turner and she was inspired by a wallpaper that used to hang in her grandfather’s house.  The funny thing is when I read that, I was thinking to myself, Oh yeah, Howard Cosell’s crazy wallpaper again!  I must have read about her and her wallpaper before (she and her fiance make that too). I’ll bet Howard Cosell never expected any amount of notoriety due to that wallpaper.  Life works in mysterious ways.

There is also a travel piece on Rome and a wonderful San Antonio home (former factory) that is quite intriguing.  Lots of other stuff too.  Worth a look, anyway.

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