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Cheater’s Summer Fruit Pie

I’ve never been much of a pie crust maker.  I know that those who are say it’s really not difficult and that you can use a food processor to do it.  My problem is I don’t like having too many different things to make for one finished product.  I’m not crazy about having a lot of things to clean up afterwards, either.  So, though nothing says summer like a delicious fruit pie, I’m only too happy to use a frozen crust.

The one I like to use is the Wholly Wholesome brand that I find at Whole Foods.  I usually pick these up to use in a quick quiche that I make with egg, milk, mozzarella cheese, turkey bacon and nutmeg.  I often use the whole wheat version for this, but last week I decided to go with the traditional shell and I have to say it really is tastier.  Especially if you want to use it with a fruit pie which is what I decided to do yesterday.  I didn’t have a particular fruit in mind, so I went with what was ripe at the store and I came home with blueberries and nectarines.  I knew this combination was good because I’ve used it in a crisp before.  Then I did a search online for blueberry and nectarine pie and that led me to this recipe where I learned how to make the pie filling.   That was easy enough and all I had to do was put my blueberry-nectarine filling in my frozen pie shell and bake according to the instructions on the pie shell package.  But my pie was just too naked with nothing on top, so I got online again and easily found the perfect topping in this simple little recipe here.  That was so easy and so perfect, that I didn’t mind the extra work at all.  What I love about the topping is how well it matches the crust.  I didn’t want to introduce a new texture or a lot of sweetness in the topping; I just wanted it to be like a pie crust – only less work – and that’s exactly what I got.


  1. Kathie

    Yumm! There must have been something in the air last week… Cait made a
    blackberry pie, you made this one, and I made a nectarine-blueberry pie (like you) and a blueberry pie from the last of our blueberries! Colleen, have you ever tried the frozen piecrust from Trader Joe’s? I think its delicious and very flaky. I think some people have a special knack for making their own piecrust. Me, I prefer a good frozen or fresh-made one from Apple Hill to fill with my own filling. I’ll have to try this Whole Foods crust. I’ve been thinking about you lately- our blackberries are just ripe enough to pick. Maybe a pie next week! Remember when Sam and I made the pies last summer? Hard to believe school’s starting already!

    • That’s funny! I actually had a package of the Trader Joe’s crust in the freezer because I do remember that pie. I was going to use that, but I happened to look at the ingredients again and it said it was manufactured on the same equipment as tree nuts and peanuts, so no dice. And no, I can’t believe it’s time for school already! We never even made it up there which doesn’t seem quite right. But like I tell Samantha, you don’t have to get every fun thing you want to do done in the summer – life goes on – even with school, right?

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