My Material Life

Knit Drawstring Backpack Prototype

I made this backpack as a prototype to figure out a project pattern I’m putting together for a beginning knitting class for kids.  A few years ago I got a plastic bag at an Apple store that I saved because I thought the construction of it was so cool. It was one of those drawstring bags that can be used as a backpack by using the drawstrings as shoulder straps as well.  I’ve been thinking about a canvas version in conjunction with the kids’ class as a great bag to hold a kid’s yarn and needles, but I’ve also been needing to come up with a simple project to knit during class. When we were in Southern California, I saw so many of these bags that I decided to nix the canvas idea (for this class anyway) and make the drawstring backpack our knitting project.  I think it might be appealing to 8 plus year-olds and something they can accomplish fairly easily.

So I pulled out my Apple plastic bag, made a few sketches and started knitting –making some notes along the way.  One of the neat things about doing this is that in addition to figuring out a pattern, you might discover something unexpected that you want to use in your final design.  That inside of the drawstring casing (above) looks kind of cool on the outside, doesn’t it?  Same thing with the reverse side of the striping in the photo below.  Even taking photos helps me figure out which way I like things best, although to tell you the truth I still haven’t really decided.  Because most of the bag is knit in garter stitch, either side can be used as the “right” side, so I may just let the kids decide which side they want showing before they sew their seams.

When I get this translated to a larger version, I’ll post the pattern for you.  I’m going to dye the yarn for my next bag in Kool-Aid, so that will be interesting!

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