My Material Life

Your Own Private Label

I ordered these woven labels a little over ten years ago, not long after we moved into our house.  Our backyard contains a small building that I claimed for my studio or workshop, so that’s where the “studio” bit comes from.  With the arrival of Samantha, that space became more of a storage area, but now that she’s older, I’m reclaiming it for sewing.  She and her Dad have other ideas about how it should be used, but what’s that saying – possession is 9/10th of the law?

It’s a lot of fun to have your own label and a nice touch for those items that you take the time and care to create yourself.  I ordered mine from Australia and the company is still in business.  I don’t even think the price has gone up, although I believe the minimum order has – to 100 labels.  Click here to take a look.  Be sure to check the currency exchange, because the price listed is for Australian dollars. If you don’t want to spend that much or you want to experiment with different ideas before you order, take a look at this post for a cool diy label that I discovered by way of the Burda Style website.

Of course you could use your name, your initials, or some combination of parts of your name and/or initials.  Your street name could work nicely too.  Even some kind of motif if you don’t want to use text.

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