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Lambrusco with Summer Fruit

I first read about fruit in red wine for dessert years ago in a very nice little book called Desserts and Sweet Snacks, Rustic Italian Style by Viana La Place.  Then I discovered a wonderful Lambrusco that they sell at Whole Foods for about $5.99. Are you familiar with Lambrusco?  It’s an Italian red soft wine.  That means it’s a little fizzy – sort of like wine soda, but not as sweet.  It’s really nice.  I figured it would make a fun wine to use with fruit and that I’d try it some day.  Then on Sunday evening I received the sweetest, deepest red, most delicious cherries from some Southern California relatives who had purchased them on their way here.  Once I tasted them I knew they would be the perfect companion to some chilled Lambrusco.  I can’t tell you how tasty and refreshing that little glass of cherries and Lambrusco in the photo tasted. You’ll just have to try it for yourself.  Viana La Place uses chopped up peaches with her red wine.  She also suggests a sugar cube or two crushed against the glass if necessary.  If your fruit is really ripe and sweet, you won’t need any additional sugar.


  1. amanda

    Hi, do you happen to know the name of that Lambrusco? We’ve been getting it at WF but they’ve been out lately and we can’t recall the brand to order it online. The end of the name is cut off in your photo. Thanks for your time!

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