My Material Life

My New Summer Board

Ironing board, that is.  Actually the board is old, but the cover is new.  That’s the before photo on the left and the after on the right.  It’s a big improvement over the last one, don’t you think?  Certainly more lively.  I’m so glad I finally figured out something to do with those bold, large-scale prints you can find for a song at Ikea.  I found this particular print last year.  I was hoping it would get me more excited about using my board and it does!  The reason for this is that I’m starting to sew again and if you sew too, you know that you must press after every line of stitching you make.  Ironing is such a big part of sewing that you might as well try to make it as pleasant as possible.

Making my new cover was easier than I thought it would be.  I used the old one as both a pattern and guide for the construction method.

That’s the old cover pictured above.  It’s gathered underneath the board with a narrow cord that is stitched around – both through and on top of – the folded edge of binding on the cover.  The first thing I did was loosen the cord to lay the old cover flat, so I could use it as a pattern.  Then I laid the cover on top of my Ikea fabric and drew a line right around it.  I cut the new fabric on that line.

Then I took two packages of extra wide double fold bias tape.  I pinned the contents of one of the packages onto the edge of half of the new cover (1 package wasn’t long enough to go around the entire cover) beginning at the midpoint of the pointy end and stitched it on.

Then I pinned the contents of the second package of bias tape to the other half of the cover.  I folded both short edges of tape a bit (just to finish the edges) before overlapping them with the other already stitched side of bias tape and stitching the second piece of bias tape to the cover.

Next, I removed the narrow cord from the original cover to reuse it for the new one.  I found a needle with a large eye and hand-stitched the cord through the edge of bias tape on the new cover, about 3/8″ through the tape and 3/4″ on top of the tape all the way around.  This sounds labor intensive I know, but it’s really only a night or two at most of television viewing.

Finally, I put the new cover on the board and pulled up the gathers to fit before tying both ends of cord together under the midpoint of the board’s pointy end.  And voila – a like new ironing board.


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