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Turk’s Head Knot Plus Hercule Poirot

I made two exciting discoveries today.  The first was this water bottle cover that I found next to the cash register at REI.  I asked the young man at the register where he got it.  I was hoping he’d tell me he made it and indeed he did!  I asked him how – it didn’t appear to be knit or crochet – and he said it was Turk’s head knot.  I tried to maintain my composure as I wasn’t alone and I didn’t want to embarass my family or the young man.  I simply asked if I could take a photo and how he learned to do it (from a book).  Naturally, when I got home I hit the internet to learn about this thing called the Turk’s head knot.  Needless to say, I’m pretty excited.  I found some books that I’m going to check out from the library, but so far I haven’t found anything on the internet that looks quite like what that fellow came up with for his water bottle.  You can find some interesting links by clicking here.  Do stay tuned . . .

The other discovery is that there is a new season of Poirot on Masterpiece Mystery on PBS.  Somehow I missed the first episode last week, but you can still watch it online for a limited time.  There are only three of them; the second one is airing right now as I type this.  Check your local listings for it because it will probably show a couple more times before next Sunday night’s installment.  Do you know David Suchet as Hercule Poirot?  He is so perfect for that role – to me, he is Hercule Poirot!  He starred in the Poirot series from the late 80’s and early 90’s (it’s frequently shown on KTEH), and I’m so happy that Masterpiece brought him back both in 2010 and now in 2011.  Have you read any of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot books? She wrote many more Poirot stories than Miss Marple ones.  They happen to be my favorite books to read right now, and they make me see why Agatha Christie is still so popular.


  1. I always watch Masterpiece Mystery & Hercule Poirot. I have it programmed so it will be recorded but some how I also missed the first episode. I noticed it is available on line, like you noted, so will watch it there. I agree David Suchet is the perfect Porot. Don’t you love Alan Cumming too? I think he does a great job introducing the mysteries.

    • He does indeed. You know I think they might not have aired that first one in our area because neither of our recorders picked it up and the website alluded to something about limited airing. One new Miss Marple coming up in July and Lewis back in Sept. I just love these!

  2. nick

    haha that bottle you have a picture of is mine. I just discovered this as i was looking for more ideas to do. You won’t find this pattern for it anywhere as i made it on a program and just followed it. It is considered a long turks head knot and there is a cord woven into the top that held it to the neck of the bottle to keep it there and tension keeps it to the bottom. the ashley book of knots is where i started learning. I hope you learned something knew and would love to see some of your work if you did any. I’m still at rei. and here is a program i use to design them

    • That is funny! I was in REI just last week. I did get a couple of knotting books, but didn’t find anything as cool as your bottle project, so thought I’d put knotting on hold and go back to knitting with popsicle sticks and tubes. I’ll check out that program – thanks! Have you considered selling your patterns?

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