My Material Life

Three Small Quilts

Have you been to Bobbin’s Nest Studio in Santa Clara?  It’s a lovely shop for both sewers and knitters.  I especially love it for the selection of books the owner, Erin, keeps on hand.  Somehow, I happened upon Erin’s blog before she even opened the shop.  On that first visit alone, I spent about $100 on books!  I visited the shop with a friend last week and we learned about a book signing/quilting project there on May 19 for the book, Modern Log Cabin Quilting.  I’ve never thought of myself as a quilter – partly because I don’t think I fit the quilt aesthetic (whatever I mean by that).  But I have enjoyed making a few quilts over the years and I’ve been meaning to share these three in particular with you, so here goes . . .

I made this for my first baby back in 2000.  Oh, you didn’t know I had a baby in 2000?  Well, he was a real surprise to us too!  Born in our backyard in fact.  The last thing we thought we wanted was a cat, but he was so cute and so sweet that he won us over and still rules our roost.  I’ve not only sewn for him, but for his feral mother too.  But that’s another post.  I was happy with the way this turned out.  I saw a chest of drawers painted with diagonal stripes and that was my inspiration for this quilt.  The fish print came from a Garnet Hill pillowcase.  That’s the beauty of quilting, isn’t it?  That you can turn a textile into something completely new by cutting it up and putting it together with something else.  I backed this quilt with white cotton flannel and it was small enough that I could machine quilt it right next to the seam lines.  He still uses this.  In fact, he just threw up on it recently.

When our human baby came along in 2004, I had a lot of fun sewing bedding for her crib and that’s where this quilt used to live.  I do admire the quilting style of Denyse Schmidt and this quilt was inspired by her A Day At The Beach quilt in her book, Denyse Schmidt Quilts.  There was something about using a strip of fabric as a stripe that appealed to me.  The quilt in the book is much more interesting.  If you like a more modern style for your quilts, you’ll want this book in your collection.  Good general reference on quilting too.  One thing that surprised me about this quilt was how the perle embroidery floss that I used to hand tie the quilt added another dimension to the design.  You can see this more in the photo at the top of this post – see how the strands look like little rosettes?

I made this simple patchwork quilt when Samantha turned two as an homage to a favorite pair of pajama pants that I made for myself years before.  They were too worn to wear, but I loved the print so much – I just wasn’t ready to give it up!  There was plenty of fabric on the legs that still had some use in it, so I put it to work.  One of the things I really like about this quilt is the edge.  I used a fleece double-fold tape as a trim which is something I read about in a Martha Stewart magazine.  Brilliant!  And so easy.  Samantha set this bed up for her big baby when she was only five using her little Ikea chairs as a base.  I didn’t touch a thing when I took these photos.  What do you think – future photo stylist?  The only problem with this one is that someone thought Mama was making him another blankie . . .

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