My Material Life

Chain-Enhanced Silk Coin Purses

Can you believe I found these beautiful little silk coin purses in a toy store (The Wooden Horse in Los Gatos) for $2.99 a piece?  I could hardly believe it myself!  As I examined them, I realized I could probably attach a chain and turn them into something that would save them from the dark and dirt of my purse interior and maybe even make them more lovely.

There’s another shop in Los Gatos called Natural Expressions which is a combination fabric (quilting and Amy Butlerish) and bead shop; I’ve always admired their chain selection.  You can purchase their chains by the inch which is exactly what I did the other day – 26″ for the necklaces and 8″ for the hand or wrist bag in the middle (that chain was the most expensive).  It was fun to match the purses to the chains and so easy to connect them to the purses using some open rings that also came from Natural Expressions.

I was able to open the rings with my fingers and slip them through that hole in the metal purse frame you see above.  Then I attached the chain and used my fingers and my jewelry making needle-nosed pliers to close the rings back up.  If you need to cut your chain, wire cutters will also come in handy.  I only needed them to make the chain for the purse on the right in the photo on top symmetrical (that one has different-sized links).


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