My Material Life

Royal Wedding Fun

I must say I’m looking forward to the royal wedding tomorrow (though no, I won’t be watching at 3am thank you very much)!  I thought it might be nice to commemorate the event with some material item, but I couldn’t find anything I wanted at Campbell’s British Food Centre, so I did some searching online and these are some of the more interesting things I found.

The Princess Catherine Doll and the pillow both come from The UK Gift Company.  I love the design on that pillow by Jan Constantine, but I rejected both of those items because I was looking for something useful as well as commemorative. Now if the pillow had been pincushion size, I’d have snatched one right up.  Luckily, I did find a mug with the same cool design as the pillow in the same section on the same site, so I bought two.

The other two items are available at Amazon.  I’ve always loved paper dolls and I still do, so I’ll have to lay in the Tom Tierney Kate and William dolls at some point.  I saw the Knit Your Own Royal Wedding book on Euromaxx recently and today I see it on the Yahoo home page, so I’m sure sales are booming. Oh my gosh, I just realized that’s Camilla with Charles on the cover.  I didn’t intend to buy this book as well, but perhaps I’ll knit a Queen Elizabeth with her little corgis to celebrate her upcoming Diamond Jubilee.  You’ve got to admire that gal!  I always liked her mother too.

For even more fun, here is something you can make and eat while watching the wedding hoopla on your telly – Prince William’s Chocolate Crunch Cake.  This recipe comes from Tea & Sympathy in New York via Daily Candy.  Do watch the short video of the charming British ladies making the sweet.  I picked up some digestives at Gene’s this morning to use when I make this tomorrow.  They use the “rich tea” version in the video, but I’m just using my favorite plain McVitie’s biscuits.  You can also find these at Cost Plus World Market or just use graham crackers.

And that’s not all!  Daily Candy also produced a great little video with hat designer, Eugenia Kim, to show you how to make your own headpiece fit for a royal wedding – check it out here and enjoy the wedding!

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