My Material Life

Favorite Free Magazines

I just love it when I can get something I perceive to be valuable for free, don’t you?  So I always get a little boost when I find a new issue of one of these magazines at either Whole Foods (Delicious Living) or the Saratoga Library (California Home & Design).

For all the sweet stuff I post on this blog, you probably wouldn’t know that I’ve been something of a health food nut since I was a teenager, and I always enjoy poring over the latest super foods and wellness tips in Delicious Living.  Did you know that broccoli sprouts contain much more cancer-fighting compounds than broccoli?  We used to grow our own alfalfa sprouts, but I never liked the taste.  I read about the broccoli sprouts a while back in Vogue magazine (yes Vogue!) and discovered that they taste just fine.  You can read more about them and other cancer-fighting foods in the current issue of Delicious Living.  For a really delicious vegetable soup, click here.  I clipped this recipe from the magazine last year and just tried it recently – it’s really, really good!

California Home & Design has improved so much in the last few years that I probably would buy it (you’ll likely find it for sale on the stands at Whole Foods) if I didn’t know that I could find it for free at local interior design shops (we used to get it at Martino’s), coffee houses like Blue Rock Shoot on Big Basin, and yes, even the Saratoga Library.  Heck, if you visit their website by clicking on the link up top, it looks like you can even sign up for a free subscription!  If you like design magazines, you might think about doing that.  CHD features interesting projects, great photography, and interesting bits about a variety of design-related topics.

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