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Easter Friends To Make

Even though my seven-year-old daughter is currently enchanted by supermarket and drug store pre-packaged Easter baskets, I still prefer the handcrafted, handpicked variety.  I know I’m a bit of a snob in this area, but so be it.  I guess it means I don’t have to try so hard this year, however, so I am glad about that.  In fact, these animals are from years past.  I used the teddy bear pattern from the Debbie Bliss Baby Style book to make the bunny.  I did intend to make the bear, but as I was knitting I thought it would make a better bunny (perhaps because Easter was coming up?) so I just made the ears longer.

The pom-pom animals are what I’m really excited to share with you though. These are so fun to make and if you are so inclined, you’ve still got plenty of time to make one or more for some lucky person’s Easter basket.  The instructions for these come from one of my favorite Martha Stewart Living articles ever. You can find some minimal instructions if you search “pom-pom animals” on her website, but they don’t match the beauty of the original article from 2000, so I created a pdf of that article that you can find by clicking the link* below.

pom-pom animals

You can pick up pom-pom makers at knitting shops and fabric stores and you might even try Michael’s. Mine is by Clover and it includes several different sizes of pom-pom makers (by the way, Clover calls it a pom pon maker or at least my version goes by that name).  Even if you don’t want to make your own pom-pom animals, I hope you’ll have a look at the article – it really is exceptional.

* I originally thought the pdf link wasn’t working, but now I realize it just takes a ridiculously long time to load on my computer.  If you don’t see the file immediately after you click on the link, give it some time to open.

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