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One Sophisticated Refrigerator Cookie

I have a very lucky friend who will soon visit Paris, so I lent her my copy of Dorie Greenspan’s Paris Sweets.  In it, Ms. Greenspan profiles a number of Parisian patisseries and shares their recipes.  Last night I needed to bring a sweet to a knitting session and I thought of that book and probably its most celebrated recipe – the one for Korova Cookies.  Do you know this cookie?  So many people have written about the Korovas, that all I will say is I can’t think of one drawback to them.  The only people who might have a problem with them would be those who don’t like chocolate or who are vegan – the Korovas do contain butter.  If that does not describe you, please try this recipe.  Trust me, this is one extraordinary cookie.  And if you can’t visit Paris, why not at least eat like you are already there?

Because so many people have written about Korovas, I knew it would be easy to find the recipe on the internet.  It was.  The funny thing is, I remembered sprinkling fleur de sel on these and as you can see above, I did so again.  (Not as much as it seems in the photo though; some of those lighter spots on the cookies are actually light reflecting off the smooth surface of chopped, melted bittersweet chocolate.)  But none of the recipes I found online included the salt sprinkles on top.  A mystery.  Ah well – it’s probably gilding the lily anyway. Please click here to find the recipe.


  1. Janice

    love love love these. And so glad you posted the magic formula! One question, is the salt on top in addition to the salt in the dough? I wish I could post a pic of the now empty box as evidence…they are (were) wonderful!!

    • Thanks Janice! Yes, that was an extra little sprinkle on top. I could swear that was in the book, but certainly not a necessity. So glad you liked them. Thanks again for last night – the appetizers, prosecco – love your new upholstery too!

  2. Kathie

    Hi Colleen – OK, I made these tonight as we are having 10 people for dinner tomorrow night ( our Tahoe group) , and I thought they would be a nice, light ending with coffee. My question is : Do you add the extra salt on top before you bake or after? I hope to bake them tomorrow afternoon. I’m working at school all week and on Friday the whole Schnell staff is coming over for dinner. We had to cancel 2 weeks ago due to snow. If these are as good as they sound, I may make them on Friday, as well! Love to all of you !

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