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I Know Where I’m Going

Do you like old movies?  I do and I’ve seen a number of them over the years, so I was surprised that I’d never heard of this movie or of its makers, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, when I read about it in this article from The New York Times about pairing movies and drinks.  The first time I watched it I was really sleepy and though I loved the beginning, I was dozing through the rest of it (and no, I wasn’t drinking!), so I just held onto it (a Netflix copy) for the longest time because I really wanted to watch it again.  Now I’ve finally done it and I’ve watched all the commentary and special features that come on the DVD too.

The movie is from 1945 and takes place in the Hebrides off the coast of Scotland. I’d been watching a PBS special on the islands of Britain that was narrated by Martin Clunes (love him – voice of Kipper, Doc Martin, etc.) when I learned about the movie, so that only heightened my interest in it.  It’s about a young English woman who has known exactly what she’s wanted out of life since babyhood.  She’s decided that marrying a wealthy industrialist is her next career move, but getting to the island he is staying on for her wedding proves difficult.

I guess what surprised me most about the DVD was how enjoyable the special features were.  They added so much to the film:  learning what the filmmakers were thinking about, about the time when the movie was made and the extraordinary location, about people who were impacted by the movie years later –  some really interesting stuff.  Definitely suggest you take a look at these if you get the DVD.


  1. I’ve never heard of that movie but will check it out. Bob and I usually always watch the special features on the DVDs. It is just fun to get some background on the film and film making in general. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Jo Ann

    I was browsing your blog and saw this movie and remembered you had written about it. I still haven’t seen it but in the latest Vanity Fair Magazine it is listed as one of the 25 greatest love stories the movies ever told! You should check out the current issue. I’ve seen almost all of the 25 which includes some of my favorites like “An Affair to Remember”, “Brief Encounter”, “The Age of Innocence”, “Now Voyager”, “Roman Holiday”, “The Shop Around the Corner”, “Working Girl”, etc.

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