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Cool Cardstock Cats

We’ve just finished Samantha’s longest-running birthday season ever – thank goodness it’s over!  Now I have time to share some of my birthday favorites from over the years, starting with these cats from last Sunday’s party.  At this age (seven), it’s usually nice to start the party with an easy craft that the kids can work on as you are waiting for everyone to arrive.  I found this project in a library book called Cut-Paper Play by Sandi Henry.  I love that the cat’s head and tail are made from the u-curved pieces you cut out to make the body.  But what really makes this project are the collars; we decorated them with fake adhesive gemstones.  If you click on the photos above, you can get a bigger view and really see the details.  I cut out all the pieces in advance to make it easier and speedier for the kids.  It’s hard to find quality construction paper these days, so I used some sheets of cardstock that I bought at Michael’s with one of those wonderful 40% off coupons.  You’ll find the instructions for the cats by clicking on the link below.

Cat Page 1

Cardstock + Book Illustrations + Color Copier = More Party Fun

Custom Party Invitations (2009)

. . . or Cake Toppers! (2010)


    • That’s weird. I don’t know where it went, but I can’t put my hands on the original quickly and my scanner software needs reloading, so I won’t have it fixed any time real soon. But, you’re not missing anything critical from page 2. That first page of the pdf and the finished cats show you everything you need.

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