My Material Life

More Knit Lingerie Inspiration

I recently made the mistake of subscribing to a few fashion magazines because I had some miles to use up from United Airlines.  I could either use the miles for free magazine subscriptions or lose them, so I took the magazines because my reptilian brain always thinks it’s better to get free stuff than to just say no thank you.  It rained a lot last weekend so I went through a bunch of them and while I couldn’t find much to get excited about, I did tear out these images here.  That one in the upper left corner  – I guess I’d call it a striped, knit girdle – well I got really excited about that!  I think it’s by Marc Jacobs, but don’t quote me on that.  Anyway, I love it.  The coverage, the stripes, the colors!  A bit like an Esther Williams swimsuit bottom. There’s nothing like it in my Knitting Lingerie Style book, so I did a little Internet searching and found this book on Amazon which I went ahead and ordered.  I’m hoping there will be something close that I can adapt because the patterns seem to come from the right era for that style.  I also found a great collection of more modern (some quite racy; one even edible) and free patterns from the Summer 2004 issue of Knitty.  Joan McGowan-Michael was a contributor, so you’ll even find a couple of her things there.

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