My Material Life

love is…

I found this book last year around Valentine’s Day, and I just had to buy it because it reminds me of my mom (shown above with my dad on their wedding day).   She used to love these little comics and would post them on bulletin boards in our house in Southern California in the 70s.  It’s a very sweet book with an introduction by the cartoonist’s son, Stefano Casali. His mother, Kim, made little drawings as love notes for his father, Roberto, and not long after Roberto showed the drawings to a contact of his in the syndication business, the Love Is cartoons began appearing in the Los Angeles Times in 1970.  Kim was a secretary when she met Roberto, an engineer, at a ski club party in Los Angeles in the 1960s.  My mom was also a secretary when she met my dad, an engineer, at Douglas Aircraft a decade earlier.  Kim and Roberto are no longer alive and neither are Art and Celia, but this little book brings back a simple, happy memory.

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