My Material Life

Todd Oldham’s Duct Tape Stage

I mentioned this project in my Duct Tape Blow Dryer post from last summer.  It’s not from Todd Oldham’s Kid Made Modern book, but it was published in the magazine, Cookie (now extinct) about the time the book came out.  It’s pretty easy and pretty fun, especially with all the different colors of duct tape you can find these days.  The floral tape we used is from the Japanese bookstore on Saratoga Avenue, Kinokuniya. The flashlight as stage light is brilliant, isn’t it? Todd taped his to the box, but ours just kind of sits right in the hole I cut for it.  I made a PDF of the magazine article for you.  Do note that you’ll need some extra cardboard for the stage floor.  I just happened to have an old shipping box that I was able to cut down to the perfect size.  Just click on the link below and have fun!

Duct Tape Stage

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