My Material Life

Marvelous Marmalade with June Taylor

This year (or I suppose it was last year) when Dwight asked me what I wanted for Christmas I remembered that I’ve always wanted to take a marmalade class with June Taylor.  So I asked for that and a kumquat tree and he delivered.  I took the class along with 12 other people at June Taylor’s Still-Room in Berkeley on Saturday.  We made 12 jars of June’s Three Fruit Marmalade (orange, grapefruit, meyer lemon); that’s one of the jars above.  Isn’t it beautiful?  And it tastes so good, I could eat the whole jar with a spoon at one sitting!  But I won’t.  All the June Taylor fruit is cut by hand and now I see what a difference that makes to the finished product – to the cost as well of course.  I love to eat marmalade in oatmeal, with cottage cheese, with chocolate, in a sandwich.  And don’t get me started on candied citrus peels!  June makes a lot of those too (even in exotic varieties like yuzu) and she served them along with cheese and bread for refreshments.  For beverages, we mixed her syrups with Pellegrino water.  I mixed rangpur lime syrup with rosemary syrup and boy was that good.  Do you know the website, Cool Hunting?  You can view a video about June there by clicking here.

The Still-Room also has a shop where you can find all of the company’s current offerings.  I brought home a bottle of her ketchup and one of the last remaining chocolate bars from a special pairing with Mast Brothers Chocolate.  You can read more about those items on Cool Hunting too.


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