My Material Life

Hot Chocolate for Two

We had some sun and a bit of warmth yesterday, so I set up the pup tent for Samantha and her friend Lucy in our backyard after school.  After I supplied them with blankets, Samantha asked if they could have some hot chocolate.  My answer was no – I had things to do.  But when I got back to the kitchen and remembered that it would only take me a couple of minutes to make it, I reconsidered.

This is the quickest way to prepare the best hot chocolate I know of, and I credit the Dolce Bella Chocolate Cafe with the technique.  To make it, you need Guittard chocolate wafers, milk (preferably whole), one of those big Pyrex glass mixing bowls with a pour spout, and a whisk.  To make 2 c of hot chocolate (I cut this in half yesterday), place 2 c milk and 1/2 c chocolate wafers in the glass bowl. Microwave for two minutes and whisk milk and chocolate together.  You might need an additional 30 seconds to a minute more for heat, but how easy and quick is that?!  The key is the chocolate.  Guittard wafers have long been a favorite of mine and at Dolce Bella they sell them in bags with a card attached with this hot chocolate method on it.  I buy mine in a box from Whole Foods or Gene’s.  They are not inexpensive, but so worth it for just about any chocolate project.


  1. Janice

    love Guittard!! Nut safe and delish chocolate is one of my favorite things!! We only use Guittard chips in this house, I’ll have to grab some wafers soon.

    • Do you ever make molded chocolate? I love them for that or anything you need to melt chocolate for because the wafer size is just right – you don’t have to spend time chopping chocolate.

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