My Material Life

New Year, New Japanese Stationery

My friend Jill was just telling me how much she enjoys shopping for a new calendar, and I have to agree that this is one of the simple pleasures of the new year.  For the past six years, I’ve bought myself a weekly planner at Maido on Santana Row. I love that shop; I made it over there today.  And though I didn’t find the weekly planner I usually purchase, I did find some great stuff – most of it on sale.  A monthly planner for me was 20% off, the Hello Kitty calendar for my daughter was 40% off, the poinsettia cards (to use as thank you notes) were 50% off and the red journal was not on sale, but it appealed to me in a such a Yuletide Dickensian way that I bought it.

I had to make a stop in Anthropologie too, just to look this time.  I love their festive winter-time displays:  the clocks in the window, the knit buck.  And look at the beautiful floral vine on that exterior wall of another shop.  I have ideas about doing something similar on one of my bedroom walls – someday. . .

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