My Material Life

“Hark the Herald Angels Sing” Snow Globes

Another hymn-inspired Christmas craft project. I found these sweet little glass angels at the toy store last month and knew exactly what to do with them. They are the perfect size for those tiny little jam jars you might get from a hotel, a gift basket, or Cost Plus World Market.

I explain how to make your own snow globes here. What I haven’t told you yet is how to store them, so you can reuse them in future years. When you are done displaying your snow globe, be sure to empty the water before storing it. To do this, carefully pour the contents of your globe into a paper coffee filter held over the sink to catch the glitter so it doesn’t go down your drain. You can let your glitter dry and reuse it another time if you wish. Sometimes I keep it, sometimes I toss it depending on its condition and content. Wash your jar and rinse the base and decorations and let them all dry thoroughly before putting the jar back together and storing it. If any pieces come apart, you can glue (epoxy) them again the next time you want to display your globe.

I found this small plastic nativity scene at D&J Hobby in Campbell a couple of years ago. It makes such a beautiful globe in this jar that originally held either capers or a Danish mustard from Trader Joe’s. I love how the gold lid of the jar works with the brass angel candlestick (a set of three) that was a gift from my mom years ago.


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