My Material Life

Panettone Toast with Butter

Our next-door neighbors usually drop off some special treat from Trader Joe’s each Christmas. For the last couple of years, they’ve been giving us Italian panettone which I just love to eat toasted with butter and with black coffee. It’s my favorite day after Christmas breakfast treat, and I’ve made sure to tell them this in my thank you notes. So I got excited when I spied the top of my neighbor Rolf’s red Santa hat yesterday morning outside my kitchen window. But something must have gone wrong. For some reason, he left us chocolate liqueur cherries instead of my beloved panettone. So this morning, I realized I’d have to go out and buy my own. And guess what – I went to two Trader Joe’s and they were completely out of panettone! Mystery solved. Luckily, Whole Foods still had some. You’ve really got to try it toasted with butter – it’s delicious.


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