My Material Life

Bringing Out the Advent Calendars

One would usually be enough, but this year we have three! The calendar shown above is by Caroline Gardner. I ordered two from her last year and saved this one for 2010. I think I like it so much because it reminds me of Linus and his friends when they dressed as shepherds for the Christmas play in the old Peanuts Christmas TV special. We’re also using the chocolate calendar from Trader Joe’s; it isn’t anything to write home about, but the youngest member of the family requested it. Our third calendar is from Jacquie Lawson and it resides on the computer. Do you know Jacquie Lawson? I became a member of her program last year because my friend Jo Ann has sent me such beautiful cards (with beautiful music) from her website. When I saw that she had an advent calendar, I knew I had to get one for me, my sister, a couple of nieces, etc. If you order five, they are $2 each. Both Caroline Gardner and Jacquie Lawson are English, so that only increases their appeal for me. But I still think nothing says advent calendar like the German ones. Harder to find these days – glad I still have these two.


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