My Material Life

Rainy Day Farmers’ Market

We are fortunate to have a year-round farmers’ market nearby though I have to say my track record for attending during the cooler months isn’t very good.  But I’m going to try to change that this year because I had such a good time during my visit yesterday.  I was on a quest for persimmons and apples (they taste so much better and cost so much less than the ones you buy at the store)* and I figured I could throw in a fresh drip coffee and one of those parmesan croissant twists from Margaret’s French Bakery that are as fun to hold as they are to eat. Just look at the colors I found!  Those watermelon radishes are so beautiful and they even taste good.  Last night I ate them thinly sliced and lightly kosher-salted with baguette and butter.  They would be so much fun to serve at a party or for company.  And look at that beautiful chard!  Both the chard and the radishes are from Heirloom Organics.  On a typical warm weather day I probably wouldn’t have gotten close enough to that stand to even have noticed those radishes.  On a cool day, you almost feel like you have the market to yourself.

* The Prevedelli stand is my favorite source for apples.  You can’t beat their variety and flavor and I love that I can find apples that are a little smaller in size because they are easier to eat.  Their preserves and fruit sauces make great gifts also.

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