My Material Life

San Francisco Auto Show

First, a confession: I’ve already had two eggnog lattes and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. I blame the San Francisco Auto Show.  It’s our traditional start of the holiday season, so we always make the trip to Moscone Center during Thanksgiving week. The drive up is the perfect time for the first eggnog latte. Usually, we visit later in the week, but this year we went up on Sunday which was a beautiful day to be in the city.

Most of the cars at the show didn’t look like the one above – distinctive.  Most looked about the same as the next, but a hot chocolate Mini Cooper convertible with contrast piping on the upholstery certainly caught my eye. What a great color for a car. I wonder why you rarely see it. The car up top comes from The Academy of Art’s collection which is new this year and naturally, the most visually appealing part of the show.

My husband loves cars, so he is the instigator of the auto show tradition. But we both get attached to our automobiles and tend to hold onto them a long time. Last month we said goodbye to our ’96 Audi A4. It just became too expensive to maintain, so we donated it to charity. After it was towed away I came in the house and cried. For a number of years, it was a favorite spot for our two adopted feral cats, Mary and Rhoda. Rhoda has moved on to meet her maker, but Mary’s still with us – to the extent that a feral cat can be with you that is.

Mary and Rhoda

Good-bye old friend.



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