My Material Life

Spiced Coffee

The coffee shops started serving their special holiday drinks as soon as November hit, but I won’t start on the eggnog lattes until after Thanksgiving. I love eggnog lattes, but they are much too rich to indulge in for two months out of the year, let alone one. I’ve been enjoying a completely guiltless coffee treat for the last couple of weeks though. I’ve simply been adding cinnamon to the ground Guatamalan coffee grounds I buy at Peet’s. This is an old trick, usually suggested with cardamom. Both spices taste great with coffee; I use one or the other. I stir ground cinnamon into the grounds, so the water doesn’t get stuck moving through the coffee. A cinnamon stick or two would probably work as well. For cardamom flavor, I use a couple of pods. You could even try a little bit of cocoa powder stirred into the grounds. Have you been to Penzey’s in Menlo Park yet? Their spices are well worth the trip.


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