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Jill Clayburgh in Starting Over

I was in Target earlier today and learned from one of those tabloid magazines at the check-out counter that Jill Clayburgh died. Somehow I missed that earlier this month, and I’m sad to hear about it. She starred in and received a very well-deserved Academy Award nomination for her role in one of my all-time-favorite romantic comedies, Starting Over. Did you ever see it? It’s from 1979 and it’s just a great, great movie. Everything that happens in this movie is so believable. The scene as Jill Clayburgh and Burt Reynolds meet is just priceless. So funny. And the romance! The ex-wife (Candice Bergen), the couch, the divorced men’s and divorced women’s groups that meet in the church basement. I guess now would be a good time to see it again.



One comment

  1. “Starting Over” is one of my favorite movies. I agree, it is very funny. I love the scene when Burt Reynolds has a panic attack in the department store and the scene when he first meets Clayburgh and she thinks he is a mugger.

    I also was sad to hear that Jill Clayburgh had died.

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