My Material Life

My New Header Photo

About time I changed to something more fall-like. As you can see, I did get around to making the mouse house, and it was so much simpler than Cinderella’s coach! The mice came from IKEA, probably a couple of years ago. They are from a set of three (there’s a grey one too). So darn cute! Knew I’d find a use for them eventually. I took this photo a bit into the sun, but I kind of like the ethereal quality it gives. That and it helps to hide the mold growing in the pumpkin!



  1. Kathie

    Hi, Colleen, I used to read my first graders the cutest story about a mouse that finds a left- over jack o’lantern and turns it into his home. In fact, we used to take our class pumpkin out to the school garden to do just that. You’ll notice that I haven’t named the book, that’s because I can’t remember it! I’ll either remember it around 4:00 this morning (but I won’t call you) or get the name when I go to work at school tomorrow. I might even find the book in my old classroom-‘ll let you know.

  2. Kathie

    The book is called “Patchy Pumpkin Finds a Home”. It was published by Current, the stationery company, probably in the 80’s. And, yes,I know I’m dating myself here! I hope you can find it, it’s a really cute story.

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