My Material Life

Happy Halloween!

I’m not one of those people who remembers a lot from childhood, but I do remember loving the excitement of this time of year.  The chill in the air, the falling leaves and those big yellow moons that seemed so perfect for a witch on her broomstick to fly across.  But then I grew up in Southern California, so maybe it was mostly the idea of those things I was excited about.  Anyway, this year I felt compelled to revisit that imagery with this felt composition.  It’s so fun to create your own felt boards.  I used the inexpensive, recycled soda bottle kind of felt which is great for experimentation.  It can be a little shiny, which is not something you expect (or typically desire) from felt.  I love real wool felt, but it is so expensive.

The other day I remembered something else while I was browsing the candy aisle at Target.  We used to use pillowcases to collect our candy haul!  I remembered this because they were selling M&Ms pillowcases for Halloween.  Ours were real of course and our mothers didn’t seem to mind.  I don’t think many moms were concerned with thread-counts and such in those days.  Such an interesting idea – I wonder how it started?  Pillowcases were certainly more malleable and easier to run around with than brown paper bags!

Back to modern times, look at this fun, little, pumpkin-type plant material I found at the farmer’s market this morning.  Wish I could tell you what it’s called, but I forgot to ask!  I do know that the ceramics are by Heath.  Have fun on Halloween!

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