My Material Life

Impromptu Tooth Fairy

Our school has a costume festival the weekend before Halloween and this is what we came up with for my daughter the day before the event. That morning she decided that her dad’s earlier suggestion to be the Tooth Fairy was a good one and I soon realized that we had just about everything we needed to pull it off. The tights are new from Hanna Andersson and the Target long-sleeved tee was a recent purchase, but everything else had been in her closet a while (she actually wore that tutu when she dressed as Sesame Street’s Zoe when she was two, and the wings are from her Tinkerbell costume when she was three). I embellished the T-shirt using the tooth template from my very first post. I used real wool felt; the only problem with that is that it will keep felting every time I wash it! But it’s so cute. Time will tell what we pull together for Halloween night …



  1. I love the outfit….especially the tights!! Do you have other pictures of Samantha in this outfit. If so, I’d love to see some of them. I will have Bob make a print for me.

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