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Homemade Halloween

I’m not really that big on Halloween decorating (it’s not Christmas after all), but I do have a few cool tricks up my sleeve, many of which I picked up from Ms. Stewart. Sadly, we don’t get her television show any more. Sometimes I’ll try to find something on her website, but the advertising is so daunting! And of course, all the advertising is for her products; she’s everywhere now. As someone with little ambition, I’ve always admired Martha’s, but sometimes I wonder where this will all end.

Sally and Jack (above) didn’t come from Martha, but the microbeads from Michael’s that I used in their snow globes did. I love any excuse to make a snow globe. You can read more about how to make your own on a previous post that you’ll find here.

This light post decoration is one of my favorite Halloween traditions. A children’s book author visited Martha on her show soon after we moved into our house and this was his idea. We replaced our original light fixture and post a couple of years ago and very happily, the set that I made years before still worked on the new fixture! I used a black sheet of plastic that I found at Tap Plastics. I cut my shapes from the plastic with an X-acto knife and every year I tape the pieces directly to the light fixture using double-sided tape for the cut-out pieces (cat, moon, star) and black duct tape for the full sheets (jack-o-lantern). You don’t have to use plastic for this, but it is waterproof and it does a great job of blocking the light where you don’t want to see it.

This friendly ghost is something I picked up from the magazine and it couldn’t be easier. You simply cut any shape you wish from some white chiffon fabric and tack it to your window.  use some transparent tacky material that I picked up at Restoration Hardware a few years ago, but I don’t know if they even carry things like that now that they’ve gone all dramatic, large scale and set-design-like – what were they thinking?

These are amazing, aren’t they? Kind of expensive to pull off and they only last as long as their glow sticks, but what fun. Leave it to Martha. You can find the directions for these here on her website. Sorry about the advertising.

Happy Haunting!



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