My Material Life

A Tall Dark Stranger

I love Woody Allen movies. So it was perfect that we went to see this on our anniversary because my favorite Woody Allen movie, Hannah and Her Sisters, came out in 1986 – the same year we were married. It’s so comforting to see the familiar typeface used for the title and credits, to hear the same kind of music, and of course to revisit the same themes that feature in so many Woody Allen movies: restless, romantic longing (usually for a very inappropriate person); the search for answers we’ll never get about the nature of our existence; and getting away with murder or at least trying to. He doesn’t go for as many laughs as he used to, but I did enjoy it. It’s set in London with a great cast. There was one character who looked so familiar to me, but so very different from who I finally realized it might be. And now I see I’m right – it really is the receptionist from one of my very favorite shows, Doc Martin! Anyway, this film and our favorite cake from The Prolific Oven – chocolate with rum cream cheese frosting – made 1986 seem not quite so long ago. Which was kind of nice.




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